Employment Discrimination and Retaliation

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Employment law covers issues that arise between employers and employees such as employment discrimination where an employee is singled out for unfair treatment because he or she belongs to a particular class of persons.

There are many facets to discrimination, but one thing is certain, discrimination in the workplace is illegal and adversely affects employee income and job stability, company productivity, and the reputations of both employees and employers.

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What Constitutes Employment Discrimination?

Ideally, employment decisions and advancement opportunities for all individuals would be based on merit, qualifications, experience, skills and abilities. When this does not happen, there is a potential for employment discrimination.

Employment discrimination occurs when an employee is harassed on the job or suffers an adverse employment action as a result of his or her:

Marital Status
Military or Veteran Status
Sexual Identity
Familial Status
National Orientation
Sexual Orientation
Union Affiliation


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