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Employer Audit & Compliance

Florida Employer Audits & Compliance

Whether you are just starting a business or your business has been operational for many years, the attorneys of Richard D. Tuschman, P.A. provide a wide range of business law services, including counseling, training, reviewing company records, and policies, ensuring compliance with employment contracts related laws and regulations.

Representing companies and business owners across a wide range of fields, we have the experience you need to guide you in avoiding common employee and labor related disputes. Call us to discuss your business needs.

Employer Audit & Compliance

The attorneys of Richard D. Tuschman, P.A. have many years of experience in counseling clients in order to avoid claims from occurring. Employers are instructed on how to spot problematic issues, and to consult with counsel prior to taking an adverse employment action.
Richard D. Tuschman, P.A. does this in the following ways, among others:

Government Investigations

Employers at times find themselves being investigated by agencies such as the Department of Labor for possible wage and hour violations, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for possible incidents of discrimination, and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration for alleged safety issues.
The attorneys of Richard D. Tuschman, P.A. are experienced in representing employers under such investigation and have diligently guided them through the process.

Worker Adjustment Retraining Notification/Reductions in Force/Business Closure

The attorneys of Richard D. Tuschman, P.A. are experienced in guiding employers through necessary compliance issues during a reduction in force or business closure. Depending on the size of the employer and the nature of the reduction or closure, employers may be required to give advanced notification to employees, or compensate the employees in lieu of such notice. The employer may also be required to notify the State and offer retraining for its affected employees.

Richard D, Tuschman, P.A. are experienced at drafting and reviewing severance agreements given to employees during a reduction in force or closure. Such agreements under such circumstances require strict scrutinization to ensure compliance.

Representing Employers

The attorneys of Richard D. Tuschman, P.A. have more than 45 years continued experience in assisting employers through the complexities of employment law and employee-employer relations. We understand the sensitivity associated with these cases and respect our clients’ concerns about their reputations.